We started with ACMOS from Turin and Piedmont. Now we look to Italy, because Italy has always been – and still is – our chance: we think we must overcome the pathologies of a political transition dating back to 20 years ago and still going on, started by obscure political and mafia killings and culminated in a dangerous, populist, authoritarian and liberticide drift. The tasks of education and politics are no alternative: they are a continuum.
We are aware that we have to await the opportunity of staying “inside” politics and that we must also be prepared to be ready for the task: that’s the reason why ten years or more after our beginning, Benvenuti In Italia ( Welcome to Italy ) is the natural continuation of that education choice we made when we started.
Benvenuti In Italia ( Welcome to Italy ) is today’s way to create the conditions for a counterattack that coherently and collectively can prepare our team to deal with the government of public affairs.
We have a great ambition, because we want to renew the Italian political system, creating a new dialectic between parties and citizens; new, because it enhances the action of a person independent from the parties, but deeply convinced of their constitutional role. A subject strong in social and cultural credibility, financially independent, able to openly and reliably enter into election campaigns as well as the normal life of Institutions. We are neither building a new party nor standing to be the current of an existing one. We will not be the election committee for some champion, we will not exchange packets of votes for guaranties: we want to cover new paths and we equipped to do so.

For this reason, from its very beginning Benvenuti In Italia ( Welcome to Italy ) has intended to move into politics with an approach emphasizing culture, research and public debate