WE ARE Benvenuti In Italia,

Benvenuti in Italia is a new form of political representation.

It will give strength to the credibility of those who are daily committed for our Country.

The crisis of Italy is above all a cultural one: we have lost our capability to look to the future together. That means to know where to go, to be determined to go there and to be able to do it.

Italy starts again if culture starts again, too: school is the trigger.

A SCHOOL able to let different identities talk each other, to let the new knowledge meet memory, to regenerate the republican will written in our Constitution, able to multiply the social capital.

A school able to look for new solutions

Because we need to find again the meaning of WORK: an economy generating huge profits for the few, condemning the many to the desperate insecurity or unemployment is a wrong economy.

Because we need to give a new meaning to JUSTICE: solidarity is a beautiful thing but without the certainty of the law it is just the prelude of patronage.

Because we need to start new CITIZENSHIP: every person is born free and equal and should receive the best opportunities in exchange for a greater responsibility.

We want to renew the Italian political system, creating a new dialectics between parties and citizens: new because enriched by the action of a subject independent from the parties, but deeply aware of their constitutional role. A subject strong in social and cultural credibility, financially independent, able to openly and reliably enter into the voting campaigns as well as the normal life of Institutions. That will be great for Italy!

We are not building a new party, we are not going to be the current of an existing one, we will not be the voting committee of some champion and we will not exchange packets of votes for guaranties.

Starting with ACMOS and Libera, walking together with Gruppo Abele, we shared our lives with those who have harder times, recognizing our own efforts step by step. The young precarious workers, the disoriented foreigners, the families of innocent victims of the Mafia, the witnesses of Justice: honest men and women working at the forefront of truly dangerous fronts. All of us and all of them are our reasons.

Italy is our opportunity: we must overcome the pathologies of a political transition that has been going on for 20 years, started from mysterious political and Mafia killings and now culminating in a dangerous drift leading to populism, authoritarianism and violation of freedom.

We cannot score even: we cannot allow it. In history, either you win or you loose and we will do our best to win.

When water seeps incessantly through the earth, the earth swells, rises, becomes shaky.

The soaked earth dissolves and falls away: landslides and chasms are the results.

Unless the earth is rich in trees and these trees have long, thick and strong roots.

Then the earth keeps on holding and the running water is only nourishment.

We want to be those roots helping the earth to hold in periods of overflows and cloudbursts.

We are roots of memory, values, strength and projects. We are roots, because we are in and not elsewhere.

We are roots, because we are a community of solidarity.

The tree we regenerate is called Constitution of the Italian Republic.